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Our Process

Whether you are at the beginning of the planning stages of your renovation, already have a completed design or just need to select material, we can help. We offer personal service, a comfortable working atmosphere, and experienced staff at our showroom location. During your in-person showroom appointment or an alternate phone appointment option, learn about these services as well as installation and construction services. Whatever your budget, we have a full range of options.

Complete kitchen and bathroom renovations or large construction project would follow our Process for Success detailed below. Some projects may not be as involved and will not require as much in depth pre-planning. Either way from the very beginning, we make communication a top priority.


1.  Our process begins with a phone call or email from you to our showroom so we  discuss your upcoming project.

2.  We can then determine if scheduling a showroom or phone appointment is right for you. During this appointment we would learn more about you and your project, your highest priorities, your vision and budget. We would share our process in more detail with you. This is also a great time to ask questions!

3.  If we seem like a favorable match for you and your project, we would next want to set up an appointment at your home to take a good look at the current space. We take photos, measurements and discuss with you what is and isn't working. 


4.  During our initial discussions, we can share the average cost of kitchen and bathroom renovations. We encourage you to share your budget with us so that we can be respectful and guide you through construction scenarios and material selections within this amount.

We have experience remodeling kitchens and bathrooms with varying budgets. We can use our experience to realize your kitchen remodeling dream while staying within your budget by:

·        Helping you with product selection in your price range without sacrificing style

·        Designing a kitchen that has a minimal impact on your existing home

·        Salvaging cabinets, flooring or appliances where possible


5.Once we get enough information to envision your successful project, we take the time to create a detailed estimate for you. The estimate would include construction costs and estimated finish material costs based on our previous meetings. Since these estimates are so detailed, clearly providing the information you need to make a decision, they may take 2+ weeks to receive. Please let us know if you have a hard deadline you are trying to meet and we will try our best to accommodate your situation. Smaller estimates typically take 2 to 7 days to create.

Design & Material Selection:

6.     Depending on your project, we may need to have structural architectural drawings completed or we may be starting with general design ideas and selecting material to complete your vision. Once these are confirmed, we typically create 3D drawings of your space which you would approve before material is ordered. These drawings are used to convey details to both the client and the installation crews. Through detailed planning and strong communication, we can seamlessly transition into an efficient

construction phase.


7.    A construction zone is no place to call home. That’s why we put a major emphasis on pre-construction planning and construction time management. We want you to begin enjoying your new space as soon as possible. Because we have a thorough design process, use reliable material vendors and we have 15+ years of renovation experience, we can typically formulate a solid timeline of how long your renovation project should last.

To keep communication our main priority during construction, we have a crew member team lead and construction managers that helps ensure all remodeling projects are moving on time or ahead of schedule. Our Project Scheduler will contact you directly, by whichever communication you prefer, regarding deliveries,

measures, installations and payments.

We pride ourselves for having an open door policy where you can talk to us in person at your home or reach us by phone, text or email when you have a question or concern.

If there is ever a problem, we want to tackle it head on, right away, before it grows into a larger issue.

Final Stages:

8.   We fully expect you to be very happy with your new space and our team will verify that you are! We also want to help you keep your new space looking brand new for years to come. We can recommend a great after-construction cleaning services and will provide you with manufacturer maintenance and warranty information. 

Reach out to us.