Green Tile

Emser Green Friendly Program:   The program consists of a systematic two-prong approach.    The first 
prong includes an effort by Emser and its trade partners to incorporate environmentally friendly practices wherever possible. The second prong includes driving a companywide program amongst Emser employees to incorporate environmentally friendly office practices.

Emser Tile’s Manufacturing and Distribution Processes

1. Emser Tile works with suppliers that recycle the maximum amount (3%) of material including unused powders back into raw bisque which then is utilized in making new tile products.

2. Understanding the importance of water conservation, Emser Tile works with suppliers that recycle and re-use water during the manufacturing process.

3. All glazes used in the production of ceramic and porcelain tile are water based and no solvents are used. This reduces the potential for emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during the manufacturing process. Emser Tile requires that its factory partners reduce energy consumption during production and use natural gas to minimize air emissions.

4. Ceramic and porcelain tile is easy to clean without harsh chemicals. It is also resistant to chemicals.

5. Unlike other types of floor coverings, the longevity of ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone prevents frequent replacement.

6. Emser Tile has two strategically placed Distribution Centers and 56 Branch Offices throughout the United States. Having these multiple facilities allows us to maximize the volume of every truckload for the most efficient transportation of our products.

American Olean:    In total, American Olean's corporate office has recycled more than 340 tons of cardboard and office paper since 2003.  American Olean created unique designs in every way possible. To create this design American Olean understands that the environment must be taken into consideration. This is why they created Greenworks, a belief that creating beautiful designs can help the environment.

American Olean is committed to using Recycled materials in their products. Select tiles contain over 15% post consumer recycled materials and over 97% per consumer materials.

Environmentally Friendly Building Projects
American Olean offers products which support a building project's effort to achieve certification under the US Green building Council's LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System™. Our environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and products may also satisfy other requirements for projects that desire to incorporate "green" materials.

FACT:    American Olean ceramic tile is more cost effective to the purchaser because of its lower life cycle cost stemming from its potentially indefinite useful life. Ceramic tile is conservatively estimated to last over 50 years under normal household use. There are still mosaic tiles installed during the 16th century in Europe that are as beautiful today as when they were originally produced.



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