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 “Don't blow it - good planets are hard to find.”  ~Quoted in Time

Going green starts from the ground up.

What does green really mean?
GREEN is a term that is widely used to describe structures designed and constructed in a way that creates a minimal amount of negative impact on the environment with help from conservation of resources, energy efficiency and healthful interior spaces.

Shades of GREEN:
There are so many GREEN Certifications out there; here is a list of the most common certifications and what they mean:

•  LEED Certified - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Homes and buildings are certified as LEED based on a specific rating system. Everything is put into consideration from location and size of the building to materials and the processes used to install them. For a home or building to become LEED certified a third party is required for verification.

•  Green-e - Certifies companies that are stating they’re selling renewable energy are actually doing so, by delivering the quantity and type of product advertised.

•  Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) - Wood and paper products were created in a manner that does minimal damage to forest ecology and the neighboring local economies.

•  Energy Star - A system that rates the energy efficiency of products and is backed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy.

•  Simply Green - labels which assures that the consumer is buying a product that is either made from organic, renewable, or recycled material. Be advised that some products might claim they are made from recycled materials but are only made with 30% or a low amount of recycled material.

•  ESP - Environmental Stewardship Certificate Program, certification given by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufactures Associations (KCMA). Cabinet manufactures that are committed to helping the environment by ensuring that the process and the cabinets themselves are safe to the environment.

•  EcoLogo - This is the oldest and most well known standard in North America. The EcoLogo certified products range from building materials and household cleaners to office equipment and hotels. EcoLogo has very high standards when it comes to putting their label on products. You will be ensured a great GREEN product when buying something with the EcoLogo label on it. To see a list of all their certified products visit their website.

You know what to look for, now what should you buy?

•  Eco-Friendly Cabinets & Countertops
•  Eco-Friendly Bath Materials
•  Eco-Friendly Tile



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